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]]> (Bill Jelinek Photography) Sat, 29 Sep 2018 10:29:31 GMT Wendy Walk Hi, again,

Yeah, I know, not a peep since August and now, instead of the usual fluff, I'm going to talk to you about something serious.

On Saturday, July 19, 2014, the first annual Wendy Walk will be held at Homestead Park in Hilliard, Ohio.

We came to know Wendy Ward, her husband, Chris, and their two young children through school and church.  Wendy passed away in 2012 after a courageous battle with breast cancer. She left us very much too soon.

Chris established the Wendy Walk as a means to provide scholarships to area high school seniors in Wendy's honor.  Please visit to learn more about Wendy, the Wendy Walk, and to participate and/or donate.  

He has planned a nice event.  The walk is not a competition.  It's more an opportunity for family and friends to gather to keep Wendy's memory alive, to help her children realize how much people thought of their mom, and to raise money for the scholarship fund.  

Please visit the web site, sign up for Wendy's Warriors so you can keep up with news, and consider making a donation.  If you can actually participate in the walk, so much the better.

I'll be at the walk photographing the proceedings.  Say hi if you can make it.





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Summer Hi, it's me again.

I entered a photo in Midwest Photo Exchange's August Photo Contest.  Here it is:  Prairie Oaks Sunset

I was happy to have found this scene to photograph.  I was scouting Prairie Oaks Metro Park for an upcoming family portrait session and as I was leaving, saw this family have a great time by the water.  The men on the left were fishing.  The women were relaxing.  The kids, on the right, were playing in the water--so much for the men catching any fish.  As the sun set lower behind the trees, the sky turned color and made for a nice shot.

I hope you had a nice, safe summer.

If you want to see the rest of the entries and cast your vote for your favorite, visit the contest web site.



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What Talented Kids We Have I had fun this evening shooting the altar servers' mime presentation of the Stations of the Cross at our church.  They did a very nice job and I was able to get several decent shots.  Nice job everyone and thanks to Mr. B. for running the show.  My son enjoyed himself (and he doesn't usually like performing "in front of people").

The star of the show! Hopefully this proves to be the beginning of a productive photography weekend.  I'm planning to go to an open house at the park where I hope to be shooting a six-family graduation party in May--cross your fingers all six families like my proposal.  It should be a good opportunity to get the lay of the land.  

I plan to follow-up that on Sunday with a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory where I'll meet up with a few folks from the photography club at work.  We're (supposed) to be working on a photo scavenger hunt between February and April and I'm WAY behind on that.  It looks like there will be many opportunities to shoot items off our shot list.

On other photography fronts, I've sorted through the 2000+ digital images and video clips I've received and have them sorted by event.  There are still about 14 families yet to submit, so we'll see how many more images that ends up being.  My current task is to scan the prints that were submitted--fortunately having been through the digital images will allow me to skip having to scan near-duplicate prints. I'm hoping to start putting the video together in another week or two.  Wish me lots of luck, or laugh at me for taking this on.  Your choice.

I hope spring has found its way to you.  It seems to have gotten lost here in central Ohio.  We have a winter storm watch in effect this weekend.  At least that means I don't have to work outside this weekend.  

Talk to you later.

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My, How Time Flies! Hi again,

I've committed the cardinal sin of blogging--I haven't been blogging!

To catch up, the family shoot in October was a lot of fun, you can see the final products here.  Horses! It was a glorious day, the sun was out, we still had some autumn color, it was great.  Beside shooting Debbie and Jeff and their great family, it was great to be able to have access to horses running through their field.  Now, as long as I don't fall down any spiral stairs any time soon, I'll be in good shape.


I've been working with off-camera lighting--very handy for winters in Ohio when most people don't want to stand outside in the cold and have their picture taken.  Here's one of the shots we used on our Christmas cards, so belated season's greetings to you!  


Our kids at Christmas.

Our photo club at work also held a hands-on training/practice session at a local studio.  It was very beneficial.  Thanks to all those who had a part in pulling it together (that would NOT be me)--Joyce Charon, Mark O'Donnell, Bryan Kuhn, and especially Renee Needham for letting us use her studio.


So, I'm still taking photos and working at growing my fledgling photography business.  I also volunteered to do a fairly large (to me) video project.  This is my son's last year at his current school, so the tradition is that someone (me this year) puts together a slide show with photos from the students' careers.  I'm going to try to step it up a notch.  I'm thinking more video and less slide show.  We have the technology, right?


Thanks for checking in on me.   I'll let you know when something interesting happens.






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Tomorrow's Going to Be Fun I'm looking forward to my session tomorrow with Debbie and her family.  She and her husband live on 15 acres in east central Ohio.  She asked me to come out and photograph she and her husband, their son and his family, their horses and dogs, and their recently refurbished 100-year-old barn--and whatever else catches my eye.  Sounds like I'll be busy!  So rather than run on about this, I'm going to get to bed so I'm rested and ready to go tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes and what I learned.

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