The Process

Thank you for considering me to be your photographer.  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to provide you with images that you'll treasure for a lifetime.  This page provides you with a step-by-step description of my process.  It will help you know what to expect when working with me.

Initial Meeting

I'll meet with you to discuss what you want and give us a chance to get to know each other.  Not sure what you want? No problem, I'll help you figure out.  I'll share my ideas to help you obtain the results you want.   I'll share samples of my work.  We'll review the package options available to you or build a new package just for you.  I'll ask to meet at your house (assuming that's where you'll be displaying your images).  That way I can recommend the best products and sizes for your space and "vision."  

Room for You to Breathe/Time to Think

After our initial meeting I'll be available by email and phone to answer your questions or discuss your session in further detail.  

Choosing Bill Jelinek Photography

Thank you for choosing me!  We will finalize the package contents and session details so you know what to expect during your session and what products you'll be receiving.  My standard photo packages include beautiful canvas wraps, the best photo books around, and top-quality mounted, professional prints.  We just need to decide how many and what sizes you want of each.  I also offer other products like greeting cards, calendars, ornaments, and such, just let me know what you're looking for.

Next, we'll schedule your session and choose the location(s) for your session.  If you'd like to use a location more than 20 miles from Hilliard, Ohio, I'll need to charge on a per-mile basis over 40 miles (round trip) using the current IRS mileage rate ($0.55/mile).

A $50 non-refundable retainer will be required to reserve your session date and time.  Reservations are filled on a first-come, first-served basis based on payment of your retainer.  Fall is the busy season, so be sure and book your session early.

What if . . . ?

We've scheduled your session, now we have to wait for your session date to arrive.  If you have any questions in the meantime, I'm only a phone call or email away.   If something comes up, we can reschedule your session if needed.  As long as it's at least 7 days prior to your scheduled session at the time you reschedule, your current deposit will still reserve your new session date and time.

For outdoor sessions we will need to keep an eye on the weather as your session date approaches.  We'll work together to make the best decision if the weather forecast for your session date is questionable.  We can either reschedule the date or if there's an alternate venue available, we can switch locations.

Your Session

Your photo session should be a fun experience, but it can be tiring, so be sure and get a good night's sleep the night before your session and make sure you've eaten something before we begin.  Prior to beginning your session, I'll ask that you pay the balance of your package fee* and ask you to sign a model waiver (for each person in your session).  Minors' waivers must be signed by their parent or guardian.  After we get the paperwork done, let the fun begin!  

We'll take enough photos to provide you with a variety of choices to use on the products included in your package.  This is why we meet ahead of time.  If I know you want a 36"x24" canvas to put above the sofa (which I would, since we decided to include that in your package) , then I'll be sure I have images appropriate for that use.

Which Ones Do You Like?

Usually within a week of your session, we'll schedule your proof review and ordering session.  We'll go through the images from your session together to determine which ones you like and which ones you're not as crazy about--this is the "Yes-No-Maybe" session.  It's surprising quick and easy.

The other goal of this meeting is to determine which images will be used for your prints.  The hard part was taken care of when you chose your package.  Now it's simply a matter of deciding which image to use for your canvas wrap, which ones will be used for your mounted prints, and which ones are your absolute favorites so I can feature those in your photo book.

Your Final Images

After you've made your picks, the next step begins.  This is the most time consuming part.  It will likely take one to four weeks to complete depending mostly on the size of the package you chose.  As work progresses, I will let you know how it's going and when you can expect your final images.

Each image is reviewed and enhanced to provide you with beautiful photos for your print products.  The images to be used for your canvas wrap and prints (if included in your package) will be made available for your review in a personal gallery at the Bill Jelinek Photography web site.  After you approve these images, your canvas and prints will be ordered.  

Next, your photo book will be designed and any additional images needed for the book will be enhanced.  You'll also have an opportunity to review your photo book on-line to approve it prior to production of your book.  

Once your products are complete, we'll deliver them to you.

I'm Not Happy unless You're Happy

My first goal is to provide you with images and products you'll treasure.  I also want you to look back at the whole process and be happy with it.  This is supposed to fun!  If you are not pleased, let me know and I'll do my best to make it right.  I want to do this and provide you with a good value.



*Your retainer will be applied to your package fee as long as you keep your scheduled session.